Welcome                  Career-Life Education

    Computers 8
           Digital Tech 8  Coding / Web Creation (

    Computers 9 and 10  
          Computer Studies 10 (How can we use computer to help us?) 
          Web 10 (Web Development)  
          CS IDS 10 (Game Coding)  
    Computers 11   intro python
          Computer Science 11
          Computer Programming 11 (Project based) CP112018
              CP11 Apps  (Android App alternative Computer Programming 11)
          IDS 11 Game Coding (Game Creation)
              IDS 11 Animation  (3D Modelling and Animation)   merge
    Computers 12
          Computer Science 12 
          IDS 12 Game Coding
         Computer Science 12 (Harvard 050) (Self Study Online)
    Computers for Independent Learners
          CS IDS Projects (Self Direct Study)  including Programmable Things 
          Explore your interests and get credit for it!

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